Single line queuing: Cora Flers Villeneuve d'Ascq

  • Use case
  • Retail
Cora France

« We chose ESII, first because the system is autonomous. Second, it is out of reach both for cashier and customer, since the system is up or on the floor. »


  • Speed up the check-out process, decrease actual and perceived waiting times
  • SeZQ™ single line queuing solution
  • 12 checkouts equipped

Reception concept

  • A single queue before the line of checkouts
  • When a checkout is available, automatic call of the next customer
  • Free checkout visible on the screen at the end of the single queue


  • Faster checkout process
  • Automatic system out of reach to prevent breakage
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Less stress for cashiersv


With English subtitles