Perpignan Golf Indoor: event management with Orion appointment

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Perpignan Golf Indoor France

« About the ESII software, the main benefit: I’m not a computer engineer and I find it easy.  »


The Perpignan Golf Indoor (PGI) offers golf enthusiasts the opportunity to practice their sport indoors thanks to Trackman and Puttwiew technology. Mr. Adrien Lacore, founder of the structure, uses the Orion Appointment solution to manage the reservations of the 3 playing stations and the 2 agendas of the golf teachers.

Solution installed

Customers wishing to exercise their golfing skills reserve a time slot on the website. 2 possibilities are available:

  • He reserves a time slot for one or more people on a Trackman (2 stations) or Puttview game station to come in automony.
  • He reserves a Trackman or Puttview lesson slot with a teacher

Booking a lesson allows you to block the time slot in the teacher’s agenda and at the same time to block the same time slot on one of the Trackman or Puttview workstations.

To book a training allows to block a time slot in the professor’s schedule and at the same time to block the same time slot in the schedule of the selected Trackman or Puttview play station.


  • Easy to use solution
  • Visibility of customers on the schedule, no need to call to come
  • Reservation in 2 clicks
  • Quick and easy booking increases the number of customers
  • Synchronization of the agendas of the game stations with the schedule of the teachers