Miramas City Hall renew its confidence in ESII

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Miramas is a city located in the south of France of 26,000 inhabitants. The local council started the process to be entitled the Qualiville standard that validates the efforts made regarding the relationship with the citizens. This standard has a whole section about the reception of the citizens and the information given about the wait in the city hall. Naturally, the City Hall asked ESII to install its solution to the “Services House” to access to the Community & Social Actions Association.

Now, 2 other services of the City Hall are installed: the first one is in the same place, the Children & Young Adults Service and the second one in the City Hall, the Population Service. So, the solution eSirius™ manages now these 3 installations in a centralized way on the same server.


These 2 new installations have each a Keo™ kiosk that allows, thanks to its scenario, to welcome the citizens with or without an appointment.

2 video screens display the call of the next citizen through an office to meet an employee qualified to answer the request.

Moreover, 26 new reception desks have been added to the eSirius™ solution so that each employee can call the next citizen.


The ESII’s solutions can be easily adapted to the customers according to their new needs. So, this City Hall can improve its existing solution in order to meet the commitments of the Qualiville standard about citizens reception and wait information.

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