07.03.19 Secteur Public

Installation at the Montpellier Court

Reception at court

The Ministry of Justice wanted to improve the relation between citizens and justice creating the SAUJ, single point of contact to answer every need of the citizens. To optimize the reception of the SAUJ’s visitors, the Court of Montpellier decided to install our solution.

In the reception, a Twana™ Ultimate kiosk allows the visitor to take a ticket depending on the service he wants to access: I have a convocation, legal aid department, victim assistance… He receives a numbered ticket to be called when an employee is available. Each counter is equipped with an LCD Display™ that displays the number of the counter or if the counter is closed.

Thanks to this installation, there is less stress for the visitor, because the running order is respected, and for staff, because there is no queue in front of their counter.

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