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City of Edmonton testimonial


A few months, we equipped the city hall of Edmonton in Canada. Thanks to the kiosk Twana™ Ultimate™, the visitor can take a ticket to access the selected service or check-in if he had an appointment.

After a few months of use, here is the testimonial we collected:

“We have found ESII to be a tremendous selection for our Service Centre.

The ease of the training required to become a user of the system is very beneficial as the system is designed to be straight forward and very user friendly.

The ability of our customers to interact with a kiosk allows them less waiting time and are able to be directed to where they need to go on the onset of their visit.

We chose this solution for our queuing systems as all of the features fit out needs.

We were looking at a self-service model and the kiosks offered us that solution. From the kiosks we can provide instant updates with informational messaging as well as links with a QR code for information on our services the customer can explore while they wait.

The ability to add SMS text messaging was also a great benefit. At times we are very busy and close to a mall, our customers do not have to wait at the Service Centre; they can wander and be notified by text message when they are about to be seen.

The ability to have multiple displays running concurrently with each other also lets us communicate with our customers in ways we were not able to before. Having the ability to display informational messages on our waiting room displays helps out customers know important information about the area, and features we can offer.

The support with ESII is also a great benefit. The communication is always replied to quickly and effectively. With that said, we have hardly needed to use the support as the system runs day in and day out without any service breakdowns, however, when service was required, the response was always resolved in a very timely manner.”

Brian JENNERICH, Quality analyst, City of Edmonton (Canada)

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