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Seamless patient journey: use case

Reception hospital Avignon

We will discuss the subject of the Avignon Hospital, a long-time client, which got an article in the journal Hospitalia*. It says that this hospital was facing "the congestion of patient flows" and that the project aims to "digitize and therefore streamline administrative processes". In this context, ESII was consulted to provide 8 Twana™ XL multifunction kiosks and a queue management system.

 The eSirius ™ solution was interfaced with the CH's information system in order to be able to communicate with this software. Thus, a patient who arrives for an outpatient consultation, scans the barcode received with his appointment confirmation. Our software questions the software of the hospital to check if the appointment exists and the patient status record. If his file is not complete, he sees a message inviting him to go to the reception desk with the ticket printed on the terminal. If the file is complete, the kiosk displays a confirmation and invites the patient to go to the right service with the ticket and the labels printed.

We give the last words to Mrs. Cécile Polito who declares in the above-mentioned article about reception on kiosk: “According to our estimates, this dematerialization should concern two thirds of outpatients, which will allow to reduce significantly the passage to the reception counter. This will allow agents to focus their attention on the proper management of each patient file and not on the size of the queue. It is therefore a true virtuous circle since, by improving the quality of administrative files, we will be able to recruit more patients for admissions on the kiosks”.

*Hayek Joëlle, (2020) Intersystems s’engage pour la dématérialisation des parcours administratifs, Hospitalia, n°50, PP 76-77.

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