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Mobility and peace-of-mind to increase your customer loyalty

SmartWait™ is an easy-to-use application allowing you an innovative alternative to the classic queue management systems.

Save time for your customers and receive them when they want. SmartWait™ geo-positions your establishment depending on where your customer is. With this application, they are aware of the waiting conditions in real time for each of your services. They can indicate the time they wish to come and take a virtual ticket in the queue. If your customer is no longer available, no problem, SmartWait™ will take care of everything: your customer can change their time, postpone it or simply cancel it.

SmartWait™ is also available as a web service to interface with your own mobile application. With this innovative solution, your visitors can make appointments directly via your application.

Virtual queuing with a QRCode

Easy to use solution, quick, no hardware to install, remote installation.
  • The customer scans a QR code and is automatically checked-in in the waiting line, without registration.
  • The customer chooses his service
  • A digital ticket is assigned to the customer. He visualizes his estimated call time. He can also postpone or cancel his virtual ticket.
  • A few minutes before the call, the customer receives a text message to inform him that his turn is approaching. When it’s time, the customer is notifi ed via a notifi cation and/ or a text message.

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  • Customer loyalty through a unique quality service
  • A modern, professional and differentiating image
  • Appointment making (web version service only) and virtual queuing ticket
  • Flexibility: the call time can be changed
  • Strengthened communication impact


  • Available as a web service, dedicated to your company and directly on your mobile application

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