National deployment for CAF agencies

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CAF France

« Today, we are delighted to have this appointment management tool. It allows all the beneficiaries to make an appointment without having to go to the office. »


The Family Allowance Fund is responsible for paying social benefits to individuals regarding family matters. It is managed at departmental level and currently has 12 million beneficiaries. Its agency network extends throughout France.


In 2016, we won a call for tenders to equip the entire branch network with reception kiosks and an appointment scheduling solution. Today, some 800 branches are installed with interactive terminals that allow visitors with an appointment to identify themselves and others to take a ticket for the service of their choice.


We collected the testimony of Ms. Julia COLOMBAT – National manager for Reception & Appointment Process.

“In 2015, we took the decision to change our reception methods. It was still new to welcome by appointment. Before that date, the agency welcomed without an appointment. That is, if someone needed to see us, they would go to a reception area and be received. There was no programming, 100% of the flows were spontaneous.

In 2016, following a call for tenders, we started working with ESII to deploy a single software for booking and managing appointments for the 101 CAFs in the network. We needed a tool, both for planning management for CAFs and for making appointments online, via

I check the statistics every day! On the appointment part:

– We have 220,000 appointments every month since January 2021.

– In 2019, we had 1,800,000 appointments booked in the CAFs.

– In 2020, the months of March, April and May have been very low because of the lockdown. This 3-month drop was largely offset by strong increases in June. This means that we have a figure comparable to 2019 with 1,800,000 appointments in the year.

Today we are really pleased to have this appointment management tool. It allows all the beneficiaries to make an appointment from home.

With the help of ESII, we were able to facilitate the deployment of phone appointments. This adaptation, which was essential for our audience since we are a public service, has been conducted under good conditions. Indeed, with the health crisis, the use of appointments has increased enormously in our network. The remote appointment is experiencing a very important evolution and works very well thanks to the online appointment solution.”