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A work committee improve the reception of its subscribers

Twana work committee

A big company like Michelin offers a work committee to all its employees. Because of the large crowd in its premises, the committee wanted to install a queue management system. Thus, we have offered a tailored solution to improve the reception.

The solution includes a Twana™ Diseo™ interactive kiosk equipped with a card reader that allows the subscribers to identify themselves with their membership card. The kiosk allows, also, to distribute numbered tickets to determine the running order.

Moreover, the reception agents call the next member thanks to the eSirius™ software on his computer. In period of large crowd, an additional agent can welcome the visitors with a touchpad.

Also, this solution includes ePlayer, a digital signage software. It can show the ticket number called by the agent on two screens installed in the waiting room. In the same time, it can show others information: news, offers, next event…

Thanks to this solution, the visitors don’t have to queue in line in front of the counter. The subscribers can wait without taking care of the running order. This results in less stress for the visitors and the agents. The reception conditions are clearly improved.

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