06.07.17 Setor Público

Visitors reception with ESII’s solution in the Centre Commun de Sécurité Sociale

Le CCSS du Luxembourg opte pour ESII
The Luxemburg administration Centre Commun de Sécurité Sociale (CCSS) is in charge of the affiliation, the determination and collection of contributions and to distribute them among the public organizations.
To optimize the insured people reception, CCSS called in ESII’s expertise.
When they arrived, the insured people select the service they want on the interactive kiosk TWANA™ DISEO™ and take a ticket. When it is their turn, they are called on a display with their ticket number.
At the same time, the reception management software eSirius™ was set up on more than 70 receptions desks (with or without appointment).
With this solution, waiting conditions are improved and the CCSS can receive visitors with or without appointment, without running conflict order.

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