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Video for the digital reception at the Bordeaux Post Office

Virtual reception

The post office La Poste of Bordeaux Meriadeck has installed the SaaS solution Orion to receive its customers. By using this solution to virtualize the queue line, managers wanted to end the long queue line, sometimes occurring in the street.

The solution is easy to use: the customer schedules an appointment for today or later and specifies the purpose of his visit. When he arrives, the right salesperson welcomes him immediately, already knowing his needs.

Find below some extracts of the video:

“The digital waiting line is regular check-in in the queue, but without wait. It allows the customer to come when he wants. Therefore, we have less crowd for some services. When the customer arrives, he clicks on his link to send a message to say he is there. We know he is here. We just have to welcome him and help him.”

Maréva Le Carrour, Sales manager post office

“We make an appointment with the customer on the application. It’s very easy, very intuitive. After, we can prepare our meeting and our sales actions while avoiding no-shows. This is the main benefit. We can offer an appointment in 45 minutes or one hour, how he likes it. He can do what he wants during this time, so there is less frustration for him.”

Thierry Volot, Account manager post office Bordeaux Meriadeck.

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