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Use case: deli counters solutions

Smart Food Market ESII

After being neglected for a long time by the consumers, deli counters are back in the supermarkets. If it’s possible, it is because retailers have taken into account the three main obstacles to buy: difficulty to plan the price to pay, difficulty to manage quantities and waiting time.

As an expert in queue management, ESII offers solutions to improve this last point. Let’s see the use case of Smart Foods Markets, which trust us for its deli counters.

A Twana™ Diseo™ LP interactive kiosk was installed in the store. On the screen, the customer can select the counter he wants to access: poultry, meat, delicatessen or dairy. Then, he receives a ticket with his call number. He can browse in the store until he is called through several strategically positioned video screens.

On one hand, the main advantage of this solution is to reduce the waiting time for the customer. On the other hand, the manager can manage in real time the number of employees in each counter depending on the number of customer who are waiting. Thus, the waiting time is improved.

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