13.07.17 Saúde

Pharmacies optimize waiting time

Calling display
Since the beginning of the year, pharmacies have turned to ESII to improve waiting time in their pharmacy.
In this sector, eZQ™ solution is a big success because it improves the waiting time at the check-out. In the single line queuing, the next customer is called through a video display by the available pharmacist.
The Pharmacie de la Voute has selected this solution with call box for each counter to call the next costumer. Whereas, the Pharmacie Duval-Guilhard has chosen the eGestat™ solution for managing the calls with its own computers.
Twana Diseo fot the pharmacy
An alternative solution with a great success among the pharmacies is the interactive kiosk Twana™ Diseo™. When he arrives, the costumer selects his visit purpose on the interactive kiosk (with prescription, without prescription…).  He takes a ticket with his number and he is free to shop in the pharmacy until he is called on a display.
Here, the installation of the Pharmacy de la Poste.


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