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ESII’s solutions are more and more present in Kuwait!

ESII Ooredoo
OOREDOO, a telecommunications operator in Kuwait, has equipped all of its stores (56 in total) with ESII’s reception management solutions.
 The customer is asked to select the purpose for their visit on arrival via the DISEO™ interactive kiosk. The sales advisor calls the customer by their number once it’s their turn.
In order to supervise all the shops in real-time, OOREDOO has chosen the centralized multiple site solution eSirius™.
OOREDOO has announced that thanks to this powerful solution, customer waiting time has been reduced by a third since the first few months (from 30 minutes to 12 minutes on average). The eStat™ tool provides precise data about the number of customers per day and per store.These management tools have optimized resources and improved schedule management.
Elsewhere, the American Creativity Academy (ACA) and the International Creativity Academy (ICA) have also equipped their Enrollment services with ESII’s solutions. Students are asked to specify the purpose of their visit on a DISEO™ interactive kiosk so they can be directed to the department required. The eGestat™ solution was chosen for the software package. This easy-to-use solution means that the visitor flow can be more efficiently managed and, as a result, waiting time is reduced.

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