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Cap Fraîcheur Stores Optimize Their Customer Journey

cap fraicheur ESII
Cap Fraîcheur is a French leader in the fishing and aquaculture industry. Its 4 stores were designed like food markets, dedicated to seafood and freshwater products. To offer its customers a smoother reception and ease staff’s work, Cap Fraîcheur chose ESII’s know-how. 
When they arrive, the customer is invited to have a ticket for the “Fish” department on the TWANA™ DISEO™ interactive kiosk. Then, they can freely go around the store while waiting for they turn. Their number is called on an electronic display (LED Display™) with sound alert. 
Equipped with a RFID wristband, staff calls next customer in one move over the call box, without any direct contact and in compliance with the rules of hygiene. 
eGestat™ and eSirius™ 12 queue management software were selected to drive the whole solutions.
Twana DISEO Cap Fraicheur

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