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Smart Food Market selects Orion

Smart Food Market borne

Recently opened in Herblay (95), the food store Smart Food Market wants to offer the customer a great shopping experience. In addition to the selection of products and the layout of the retail space, the sales team has paid attention to managing wait by choosing our Orion solution.

A double problem arose for this installation: the waiting time at the meat counter and the health measures during the Covid19 crisis.

To avoid customers waiting a first time at the meat counter and a second time at the checkouts, an interactive kiosk dispenses numbered ticket to be called when it is your turn, through video screens installed throughout the store. After taking a ticket, the customer can shop while waiting to be called on a screen.

Following the arrival of Codiv19, the supermarket team wanted to avoid customers having to touch the kiosk to take a ticket. They then chose the virtual ticket from the Orion solution which issues a ticket on a smartphone by scanning a QRcode placed in the store or on the existing kiosk.

Here is the feedback from this customer:

"Our store is organized in a specific way with a checkout dedicated to the meat counter and 6 other checkouts for the rest of the store. The number of customers varies from 500 to 1800 a day depending on the day of the week.

The main problem that led us to contact ESII is this organization: we don’t want customers to queue at the meat counter before continuing their shopping and then wait again for the checkout process. We were looking for a solution to give them a number to guarantee their turn at the meat counter while optimizing their time by browsing in the store.

First, ESII offered a ticket dispenser with call of the numbers through a video screen in the store: the customer comes in, he takes a ticket for the meat counter, he shops in the store while following the number called on several screens. Afterward, because of Covid, we selected the QRCode on a smartphone solution, that prevents everyone from touching the kiosk, but some customers objected to use the smartphone to take a number, so we finally chose the kiosk that allows to do both: to take a paper ticket or a digital ticket by scanning a QRCode. And now we do have a solution for everyone.

At the meat counter, the system has always been reliable and avoid a lot of problems caused by a queue line: the number is the proof of customer turn, the staff can’t be blamed for a form of favoritism by giving priority to some customers, etc. The ticket is the only proof of your turn, there is no dispute on this subject.

For customers, those who are familiar with technology are even more advantaged because they can take a ticket with the QRcode way before they come in the store. For others, having a ticket saves time: they do their shopping in the store before to go to the meat counter when it is their turn. Regular customers even begin by taking a ticket on the kiosk before starting their shopping."
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