18.03.21 Retail

The single line is installed in a gas-station

Gas station reception

It is in Luxembourg that we are going to look more closely the installation of a well-known customer named Aral that owns a 45 gas-station network. For 60 years, this brand has offered modern services in both product assortment and customer experience. Therefore, we have installed the single line in one of its shop.

Aral has selected the eZQ™ solution particularly because during the Covid19 crisis the single line in stores eases the respect of the physical distancing between the customers. Staff can call the next customer waiting in the single line from the 6 checkouts. The available check-out is displayed on a video screen for a better customer information.

Mr. Rostenne from the retail operation department talks about his experience with eZQ™:

“We have installed, since the pandemic, a single line queuing system. Employees had to call customers at the checkout. Considering the configuration of the store and the Plexiglas walls, communication with the customer was complicated. So, the staff asked for the installation of a queuing system. The solution offered by ESII allows us to tell the customer which checkout to go to. The call is managed by the cashier. This communication system is very easy to use for the cashier and the information is clear for the customer. The relationship with ESII was very good, and the project monitoring was efficient."

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