20.08.20 Retail

Norauto in La Reunion ready for the single line

Single line la Reunion

The car repair center Norauto has recently opened a store in La Reunion. A first for this island where customers could only find independent repair shops. And it has been such a success that the organization, thought for metropolitan France, didn’t match with the local customer flows. Cedric LERAY, the store manager, asked the headquarters for help to correct this problem. He has been directed to ESII with which this multi-franchise group usually works.

The installation has been done for the workshop section of the store, that welcomes in average 70 customers a day. The single line eZQ™ allows from now to manage the wait for 6 counters. The gondolas’ layout physically delimits the queue while a video screen at the end of the line displays the counter where the customer has to go. 

Among the several benefits of this solution, Mr. LERAY and his employees particularly appreciate to manage the time between two customers, and as he says: “You must know that when we are done with a customer, sometimes we have to get a mechanical part or do another work even if the customer is no longer at the counter. If we don’t validate, the next customer knows we don’t have finished yet. When we come back, we validate to call the next customer.” He notices that “for our customers the benefits’ are a clear waiting time, and the solution makes their journey easy.”

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