15.12.14 Sector Público

A modern reception for the new Balaruc thermal baths

After two years and a half of work the new spa of Balaruc just opened its doors. The spa has been designed with “innovation” and technology” for key words both in term of spa treatments but also in term of public reception through ESII innovative solutions.

Nearly 50,000 spa visitors are expected each year, to manage this important flow it is the eSirius solution that was chosen. When they arrive customers can be accommodated in 3 different ways, either through a traditional reception where a ticket is handed over or through an interactive kiosk Twana Ultimate giving them a ticket or thanks to a mobile welcome manager equipped with the mobile call and reception solution Smartclient installed on a tablet. 

They can then go to the waiting room where the calls are broadcasted on several screens. The solution NeoPlayer displays digital signage and the calls in the waiting room and communication in commercial areas. 

With this complete solution for customer flow management, the waiting conditions are improved and the staff works in a stress-free environment.



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