03.02.17 Sanidad

Labs Overwhelmingly Approve ESII’s Solutions

Laboratoire Oriade
ESII’s patient flow and queue management solutions are very successful with medical labs as 4 facilities were installed. They are part of the Labosud Provence Biologie and Oriade Noviale groups.
Labosud Provence Biologie gathers 3 entities from the Provence area: ANALYS, BIOALLIANCE and GRAM. 57 labs are part of this group, and ESII equipped the Istres and Port de Bouc ones.
Labosud Provence Biologie
Leader in medical biology in the Rhône-Alpes area, Oriade Noviale gathers 43 labs. ESII equipped the Meylan and Vizille ones. 
To get a smoother patient journey and dematerialize waiting lines, these 4 labs chose the eTurn™ solution. When they arrive, patients get a call ticket via the ticket dispenser (manual or touch screen) and are then called by their number on a LED display. As for agents, they call the next customer via a simple box.

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