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KAR'Ouest Improves Its Customer Reception In Its Sales Offices

ESII equips Kar'Ouest Saint Paul
KAR’ouest is a transport company based in Reunion Island. It has selected ESII to install a customer reception management solution in their Saint Paul’s office.
When they arrive, customers identify themselves on the self-service DISEO™ touch screen kiosk, installed at the entrance. They select the service they need (information, school transportation, kar’ouest’s network) and take their call ticket. When it is their turn, they are called on an electronic display, which indicates both the call number and the calling counter.
 The eGestat™ reception management software has been installed. The manager has access to real time supervision and to the statistic module that allows predicted and real waiting time for the customers.
With this new solution, KAR’Ouest better masters its customer reception and improves the in-store experience. Staff resources management is optimized thanks to real time supervision. 

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