26.08.15 Sanidad

A Better Managed Reception For A French Guyana Lab

ESII Bio Soleil lab
Bio Soleil Laboratory in Cayenne (French Guyana) has just equipped its patient reception with ESII’s solutions.
Now, patients are asked to “check in” at the DISEO™ touch screen kiosk in the reception area upon their arrival in the lab. They select the service they require according to the purpose of their visit (pre-booked blood test, blood test without appointment or results collection). They are then provided with a call ticket and go to the waiting area. Here, an electronic display broadcasts their call number. Staff has their own call box, allowing them to easily and efficiently call patients.
The eGestat™ flow management solution has been installed to manage this range of hardware. With improved waiting conditions, patients are more relaxed and staff organization is optimized.

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