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1st class reception for Muscat Airport passengers

ESII equips Muscat airport
With more than 7.5 million yearly passengers, Muscat Airport (Oman) has to manage increasingly important visitor flows (+17% in 2012). To optimize visitor reception, the airport selected ESII’s know-how.
At the visa service, passengers must have their boarding pass to be received. They are invited to scan their card’s bar code on the CAMEO™ interactive kiosk. The passenger is thus identified and provided with a call ticket. He/she is then called by his/her number via an electronic display. To run this solution, the eSirius™ software was selected.  
Muscat Airport can manage its passenger flows. They are clearly informed and directed, and waiting conditions are improved. Agents receive relaxed visitors and have an advanced passenger’s flow management tool. This installation was realized in partnership with our Omani distributor, United Systems. 

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