25.07.19 Retail

New testimonial about the single line solution eZQ™

File unique à la caisse

Our single line solution eZQ™ improves the checkout process. It allows:

  • - To increase productivity by reducing timeout
  • - To improve customer satisfaction by reducing the waiting time

Of the benefits of our solution, it is certainly our customers who best speak about it. Here is the testimonial of Marlène Lecluse, Cashier Service Manager, at Auchan supermarket.

"We installed the single line queuing on the food side of the supermarket, in front of the frozen food department, where the customers finish their shopping. A lot of customers were waiting to one checkout while others had few people.

The main benefit for our cashiers is the continuous flow: they no longer have a timeout between customers and appreciate the pace. It took us 8 months to adjust the tempo to have neither too many customers nor enough. There are no more than 8 customers waiting at the checkout. The cashiers have time to deal with problems (wrong price, missing barcode…).

For the customers, the single line queuing is modern, effective and seamless. There is no more running order conflict and “other queue is quicker” syndrome. When there is a problem at the checkout, they don’t have to wait more."

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