17.01.14 Public Sector

Regional councils approve ESII solutions

ESII solutions regional councils
ESII solutions have recently been deployed in 4 French regional councils: Gard, Bouches du Rhône, Drôme and Thonon les Bains. Goals: improve the users’ reception and optimize their journey.
In all these administrations, the visitors select their needs on the DISEO™ touch screen kiosk (driving license, vehicle registration document…) and take their call ticket. Then the user is invited to go to the waiting area where video screens broadcast the calls and digital communication. When it is their turn, they are called to the corresponding desk.
For the software, Gard and Bouches du Rhône have both selected eSiriusTM whereas Drôme the city of Thonon les Bains preferred eGestatTM. In both cases, the manager can monitor visitor reception in real time and adapt staffing according to the number of visitors.
With these solutions, users are helped throughout their journey: they are clearly directed and informed and thus are more relaxed. The agents and managers have tools that are both efficient and easy to use, allowing them to work in better conditions. 

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