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Retail banks want to have one innovation ahead to attract new targets and invent the bank of the future.

Our solutions enable you to provide a customer journey adapted to your configuration. We offer you different systems for queue management and appointment scheduling to match your requirements.

Appointment booking directly on your website is an efficient solution to manage your calendars and multiply qualified appointments. Besides, it can be combined with one of our interactive kiosks for customer check-in in the branch.

SmartWait™ mobile solution can also be an alternative to classical queue.


  • Receive your customers by appointment
  • Customers are immediately supported by the interactive terminal
  • Efficient management of human resources
  • Stress-free working environment
  • Better competitive advantage, possibility of benchmarking

For agencies wanting to take their first steps with queue management, ESII has created the " Pack Start " Plug & Play solution, easy to install and use. Pack Start is suitable for agencies wanting to organize efficiently the flow of visitors and implement virtual queues.



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Our solutions

orion online appointment
Orion Appointment is a SaaS solution for online appointments.
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Discover Qualii™ for satisfaction surveys linked to customer flow management.
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Phygital Kiosk - Videoconference solution
Twana range - Interactive kiosk
Interactive kiosks scalable to your needs
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Success Stories

Interactive kiosk bank

Credit Agricole Provence Côte d'Azur

130 interactive kiosks Twana™ Touch installed in the branches of the Credit Agricole Provence Côte d'Azur banks.


  • Twana Touch
  • 22’’ Screen
  • 130 kiosks installed
  • Reception on the kiosk with the integration of the Credit Agricole’s software

Customer Flow Management Concept
  • In the branch, reception is done on the kiosk
  • The customer with an appointment checks-in with a card on an NFC reader
  • The customer without appointment fills a form on the kiosk
  • Modern reception
  • Identification of the customer thanks to a card
  • Receptionist is not needed anymore
Logo Caisses Desjardins

Caisses Desjardins, Canada

ESII's solutions are installed in several branches of Caisses Desjardins in Canada. Learn more about the different solutions installed and see the significant benefits for customers.


  • 40 equipped branches
  • eSirius™ and eGestat™ solutions integrated with the company network

Customer Flow Management Concept
  • Customer check-in with interactive kiosk DISEO™ or Twana™ Ultimate
  • Call of the next customer on electronic displays and video screens (digital signage broadcasting)
  • eClient™ module on smartphone or station network
  • Sending sms after reception of the customer (« bye bye services »)
  • Reduction of waiting time
  • Stress-free waiting
  • Agents mobility
  • Staff optimum management
  • Improved customer journey
International Bank of Azerbaijan

International Bank of Azerbaijan

“Working with ESII was a wonderful experience. Their highly professional and dynamic team helped us to set up 17 new branches of our bank during the first year, and 17 more are expected to be set up this year.

Among ESII’s solutions are new services such as an appointment-booking service, and VIP access for bank advisors soon to be available. (…) We are sure that our future cooperation with ESII will be just as successful.”

Mayya Dursunova International Bank of Azerbaijan

  • 17 equipped branches
  • eSirius™ multiple sites reception management solution

Customer Flow Management Concept
  • Customer check-in with interactive kiosk DISEO™ TS
  • Appointment management with eAppointment™
  • Call of the next customer on electronic displays and video screens (digital signage broadcasting with NeoPlayer™)
  • Satisfaction survey via call box
  • Reduction of waiting time
  • Measure of reception quality
  • Stress-free waiting
Logo Caisses Populaires du Burkina

Caisses Populaires du Burkina, Burkina Faso

“We previously had difficulty accommodating all our members at our Cissin branch, which is actually one of our larger branches. With the easy-to-use eGestat™ solution in place, our reception area is better organized and segmentation of visitors is clearer.  

The solution has also improved relations with members as well as our overall brand image.   With the installation of video displays for customer calls we are able to communicate more information, more effectively with our members.”

Patrice Ouedraogo Director at Caisses Populaires de Cissin Caisses Populaires du Burkina

  • 12 equipped branches
  • eGestat™ customer flow management solution combined with Digital Signage

Customer Flow Management Concept
  • Customer check-in with interactive kiosk DISEO™ LP
  • Managing waiting conditions and appointment calls on screen and broadcast advertising content and information
  • Reducing waiting times
  • Modern corporate image and differentiation

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