14.02.14 General News

eZQ™ solution creates a buzz

ESII's single line queuing solution
eZQ™, the single line queuing solution, speeds up check-out process and makes the waiting time faster and more pleasant.
Specifically, a single queue is installed in front of check-out counters and when one is available, the next customer is called on the video screen and by sound announcement. The customer call is automatic and is anticipated through sensors located in the queue and on the conveyor belt.
ESII installed this solution in Carrefour supermarkets (Paris region) on check-out units, in addition to traditional check-outs. Results are positive both for customers and for cashiers. Customers appreciate that check-out process is smoother, and cashiers work in stress-free conditions which drew the French media’s attention on this solution. You will find all the reports on our dedicated Youtube playlist. 

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