eChannel Server™

Multiple channel reception

Our eChannelServer™ solution enables you to pool your reception and contact resources to offer your users/customers the choice of the most suitable channel.

ESII reception management tools already enable planning and management of resources allocated to face-to-face reception, both spontaneous and by appointment.

Thanks to eChannelserver™, you determine at any time which staff member is the most to suited to respond to the customer's request as quickly as possible.

You pool your resources to optimise their use by simply taking into account all the communication tools, whether they are old or new.


  • Pooling resources: Resources are managed and allocated to the channels' departments according to the consultants' skills and the channel loads.
  • Easily deal with complex cases: Manage back-up in terms of resources or skills in the event of a level's saturation (e.g. for a call centre)
  • Take into account the new communication tools: (Web, e-mail, chat, etc.) thanks to a simplified organisation of resources on the various channels.

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