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Counting solution

Automated crowd control solution

By defining your physical capacity and integrating space occupancy automatically or manually with Orion Access Counting you will be able to have real control over the number of people inside.

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Orion Access Counting System is a technological initiative that can measure, optimize & manage occupancy limits.
Orion Access allows to receive ALL the customers (those who have made an appointment and those who come spontaneously) by avoiding long queues in front of your store! Unique solution on the market for online appointment booking and simultaneous counting!

Why choose Orion Access?

Cost effective

Easy to deploy

Ensure customer safety


  • Customer counting can be done manually by a person at the entrance of the store or can be provided with real time information from the counting mats (Partnership solution).
  • With a web app on a smartphone (QR code to scan very easily), the entrance controller changes the number of visitors and visualizes in real time the number of people already in the store.
  • If there are events / appointments scheduled, it also displays the number expected in the next x minutes which allows spontaneous visitors to enter when there are few scheduled appointments.
customer counting

Very simple and visual use:

  • Red gauge: no entry (maximum attendance).
  • Green Gauge: spontaneous visitors can attend.
  • You can also check the appointments that have arrived.
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