State of the art reception kiosk

Combining design, robustness, performance and ease of use, the CAMEO™ terminal offers you an excellent image of your customer relationship.

It allows the customer's need to be identified, the arrival of an appointment to be identified, information to be entered (forms), and your customers to be directed with ease.

The CAMEO™ terminal integrates fully into your working environment and enables effective communication thanks to its customisable design.

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  • Easy installation: comes with a configuration tool
  • 100% customisable: skin and web interface
  • Small footprint
  • Choice of language
  • Identification of appointments by card or entering a user name
  • Secured browser
  • Accessibility for disabled people


  • 17" screen (1280x1024)
  • SAW touch technology for use by the general public
  • Robust and secure design (locked door)
  • Card readers and bar codes possible

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