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TWANA™ Ultimate settles at the Nice City Hall

ESII Mairie de Nice
The Nice City Hall (South of France) has just inaugurated its new premises for the ID office. To receive its users (about 300 per day), it selected ESII’s solutions, including the latest kiosk generation TWANA™ Ultimate.  
When they arrive, users can check-in with the three receptionists or the interactive kiosk TWANA™ Ultimate. The receptionist enters their visit purpose in the eSirius™ software. Then, she provides them with a ticket and invites them to wait in the waiting area. If users want to use the TWANA™ self-service kiosk, they directly select the service of their choice and can get their call ticket. In the waiting room, two video screens display the City Hall news and broadcast the called numbers with sound alert. 
For agents, the call and reception of visitors is done in a few clicks from the eSirius™ software. For managers, supervision modules were installed to view and analyze in real time visitors flows at reception. 
With this solution, both powerful and easy to use, user flow management has been modernized at the Nice City Hall. The user journey is easier and quicker and working conditions for staff are improved.

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