19.10.17 Santé

A Twana™ Ultimate in the CHRU of Tours Trousseau

CHRU Tours kiosk Twana

In the city of Tours, the hospital has five sites, including the Trousseau hospital, which used our expertise to receive outpatients. On the sites, 1814 patients visit the outpatient clinic daily.

The patient journey happens as follow:

  • he arrives in the outpatient department and goes to the Twana ™ Ultimate kiosk
  • on the screen, he selects the service he wants
  • he takes a ticket with his call number
  • thanks to the digital signage, he goes to the waiting room
  • the room is equipped with two 46” screens
  • the patient is then called through the screens
  • he is easily directed to the desk thanks to the LCD screens placed above the doors and which indicate the called number

This installation allows to reduce the stress of the patients who don’t have to worry about the running order. Also, thanks to the LCD display he is easily oriented between the 7 offices.

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