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Testimonial from the "Mère Enfant" hospital in Ivory Coast

Reception Hopital Mere Enfant

In Ivory Coast the “Mère Enfant” Hospital Dominique OUATTARA chose ESII and our Patient Journey solution to optimize the resources and to improve the reception. Thanks to this solution, the hospital can track the patient from the appointment booking until he pays and leaves.

Here is the testimonial of the IT manager after few months of use:

"The collaboration with ESII, their local partners ARSI/Comafrique and the IT service of the hospital was very productive. The communication between the teams was permanent from the needs collection phase to the analysis of these needs, supported by the ESII’s expertise, to the execution. This allowed the deployment of a useful solution both for the hospital and the users. The level of customization of the solution is impressive, so the QMS (Queuing Management System) is adapted to our patient journey and is installed in all the services that have a large attendance rate. These services are reception, insurance, admission and checkout, radiology, gynecology and laboratory.

It is important to point out that after set-up, during exploitation, we kept getting support from ESII. That was helpful for internal organization and optimization reasons; we then modified the patient journey. ESII made the efforts to adapt the solution to the new organization. The ESII team remained concerned and flexible after the implementation.

As IT manager, one of my evaluation criteria for the solutions installed is the utilization rate. The different users (supervisor, systems administrator, agent) were trained by ESII and they use the solution permanently. The real time tracking of the queue line, the statistics, the traceability of the users are features that are well appreciated by the agents.

I recommend the queuing management system by ESII for any companies that want to optimize workforce performance and productivity, reduce waiting time and enhance the customer satisfaction."

Ahmed TOURE, IT manager – Hôpital Mère Enfant Dominique OUATTARA in Bingerville.

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