31.01.19 Retail

Sport goes to the single line

Decathlon caisse

Internationally recognized by athletes of all levels, Decathlon is a well-known sports retailer. Several stores have opted for single line queuing to speed-up check-out process. The customer experience is only better.

The last store to follow is Lausanne Bussigny in Switzerland. In front of the 11 checkouts, there is a single line in which all customers enter. The store has displays along this line to promote impulse purchases during the wait. The customer at the end of the line is directed to an available check-out thanks to a video screen that displays the number of the check-out. Each cashier has a call box (wireless) allowing him to call the next customer.

The benefits are many: decreased waiting, increase the average basket through impulse purchases, a blocked checkout does not penalize the customers behind.

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