13.03.14 Retail

Single line queuing continues to attract

ESII's single line queuing solution
After being well tested in Carrefour supermarkets, another major player of the food distribution industry now tests ESII’s single line queuing solution: eZQ™ Sensor.
A store of Paris’ 18th arrondissement, which recently opened its doors, offers a single line shared by 9 check-outs. This urban and compact style point of sale uses a single line queuing placed in front of the check-out counters. Sensors detect at the same time if a customer is waiting in the queue and if a check-out is available. The customer is then automatically called and by anticipation: when a customer is finalizing their purchases, another arrives to unload their shopping basket or cart.
To make the customer aware on how to use the single line in an entertaining way, a short explanatory video is displayed on an LCD screen, alternatively with the indication of the available check-out (the video is coupled with a sound announcement for a better direction).
Thanks to this solution, both the actual and perceived wait significantly decrease. Customers are satisfied since they are rapidly and fairly taken into account (it avoids the "other queue moves faster" syndrome). The cashiers work in more serene conditions: customer flows are equitably allocated and there is no never-ending queue at their check-out.
eZQ™ Sensor is also available on manual mode (eZQ™, the next customer is called thanks to a simple box) and practicable from three check-outs.

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