07.09.17 Santé

Reception optimized in Bordeaux CHU

CHU Bordeaux ESII

Bordeaux CHU welcomes nearly one million patients per year with emergencies, consultations, in-patients and out-patients. Each day, more than 2 700 visitors come in.

Two services of this hospital wanted ESII’s solutions to receive patients in the best way: the pediatric service and the odontology service.

When he comes in, the patient selects his purpose visit on the Twana™ Ultimate™ kiosk and takes his ticket. This interactive kiosk is equipped with a health smart card reader which gives the medical information to the receptionist thanks to the eSirius™ software.

For an easier direction of the patient, LED displays were installed in the waiting areas and each reception office was equipped with an LCD display. When he is available, the receptionist calls the next patient thanks to these screens.

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