19.12.13 Retail

New in-store experience for Lapeyre’s customers

ESII equips Lapeyre
Lapeyre stores (DIY chain) equipped their Purchase Pick-Up department with the eTrack™ express collection management solution. The store of Caen (French city) has installed this solution to improve its department efficiency.
To have a better follow-up of all the order preparation steps, a LCD screen is installed in the waiting area. Customers can check their order status (processing, ready, etc.) and the waiting time.
In back-office, the eTrack™ solution enables staff to track each order activity and to quickly shift stages. The manager views in real time the order preparation and monitors the activity to better manage staff resources.
With eTrack™, customers are happier since they are provided with clear information in real time. For the staff, this new tool is easy-to-use and intuitive.

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