27.11.13 Secteur Public

A modern, connected visitor reception at Athis Mons City Hall

ESII equips Athis Mons city hall
The council at Athis Mons (France) has selected ESII flow management solutions to enhance the new visitor reception area at the city hall.
The council chose the advanced eSirius™ solution to manage the range of hardware installed on-site. On arrival, a visitor will go directly to reception and explain the reason for their visit to one of the two greeting staff. The assistant selects the service required (administrative support, registering a birth or marriage, appointments, etc.) at a DISEO™ touch screen kiosk and provides the customer with a numbered ticket. In the waiting area, an LCD screen displays information about news in the town as well as the call numbers and calling counters.
An  online appointment booking service has also been set up to reduce waiting times and provide a more flexible visitor flow. In this way, the visitor can book appointments directly via the city hall website and select the service they require and a time slot of their choice in just a few clicks.
 This comprehensive flow management solution has led to an enhanced visitor journey. Waiting times are reduced and visitors are provided better guidance. Working conditions for assistants are improved and supervisors have a high performance management tool. 

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