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Limoges Habitat receives visitors with Twana™ Ultimate™

ESII welcome display
With more than 13 000 apartments to manage, Limoges Habitat takes care of nearly a quarter of the Limoges population. Every day, its 300 employees serve customers in the 5 offices located across the area.
Limoges Habitat wanted to easily receive visitors with or without appointment, with no orders conflicts.

Twana Ultimate for improve wait timeWith appointment

With the solution eAppointment™, each person can make an appointment online or through the phone.
When he arrives, the visitor identifies himself with the interactive kiosk Twana™ Ultimate™: either by scanning the QRCode he received in the confirmation email, or by pressing the appointment code.
He takes a ticket that confirm he is considered and he can wait until his number is called on the display.

Without appointment

The visitor without appointment goes to the Twana™ Ultimate™ kiosk and selects the service he wants to access on the screen (a waiting time estimation for each service is given).
He takes a ticket and waits until his call.
Thanks to these solutions the order for visitors with and without tickets is respected without generating stress. Also, the displays make easy the orientation of visitors and improve the service time.


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