28.09.18 Finances

Le Phygital Kiosk se dévoile au Village by CA

Phygital Kiosk

The Credit Agricole bank launched 24 business centers for start-ups named Village by CA. These establishments want to be real business accelerators by connecting start-ups with all the partners of the French bank. Between support, offices and meeting rooms, the Villages stand out as places of activity and effervescence where the emphasis is on innovation and modernity to stick to the world of start-ups. So, when we have been consulted to offer a reception solution, we imagined an unprecedented solution.

Two of the Villages by CA have already installed the Phygital Kiosk (Nimes and Montpellier) and the deployment continues. In the reception, the visitor faces with a 65'' screen integrated into the reception area. On the screen, he selects the company he wants to call. A video call then engages with a remote receptionist who asks for the subject of the visit and connects him with the good interlocutor.

The Phygital Kiosk manages the reception of several buildings in one place by one person. Its design and features make it a resolutely modern and innovative reception solution.

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