01.12.17 Retail

La file unique se déploie

File unique Retail

The famous retailer Decathlon keeps installing the ESII’s single line solution EZQ™. Among the 45 stores installed in 3 countries (France, Belgium and Switzerland), we will overview today the new installation on Martinique island.

When a customer has finished his shopping, he goes to the single line in front of the checkouts. When one of them is available, a video screen displays the number of the checkout he must proceed to. He can locate it easily thanks to a LCD screen that displays the number of the checkout.

When the customer has paid, the cashier can call the next one thanks to a call console.

Thanks to this solution both the actual and perceived wait decrease. Indeed, in the single line the customer moves all the time and it gives them the impression to wait less than in a static waiting line.

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