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Hospitals improve their patient journey with ESII’s solutions

ESII keeps on equipping new hospitals
There are more and more hospitals that install ESII’s solutions, which enable them to improve their patient journey (see the related post on our blog). On this basis, the Courbevoie hospital and the dental care service of the university hospital of Clermont Ferrand (both in France) recently chose to install the eSirius™ and eGestat™ solutions.
In both cases, when they arrive, patients select the reason of their visit on a DISEOTM touchscreen dispenser: with or without appointment, check out, etc. Then, they receive a calling ticket from the DISEO™, allowing them to wait serenely for their turn.
To call the next patient, video screens are placed in the waiting area: they indicate the call number, the calling desk and also broadcast digital signage.
Thanks to this solution, patients are supported as soon as they arrive and are reassured. Medical staff works in better conditions. Managers also benefit from sophisticated supervision tools and statistics to improve the productivity of their service. More information on our solutions dedicated to hospitals here

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