13.03.14 Secteur Public

Geneva’s Public Transport modernizes its customer reception

ESII Geneva's Public Transport
Geneva’s Public Transport (TPG) chose the eSirius™ advanced customer reception management solution to offer a better experience to its customers.
When customers arrive, they check-in on the TWANA™ interactive kiosk and select their visit purpose. The interactive kiosk is available in French and English in order to adapt to the user’s language. Once they have selected the service of their choice, they can either take a calling ticket or enter their phone number to receive a text message which will notify them of their imminent call. In the waiting area, a video screen displays next customers’ call numbers and broadcasts digital signage. Several LED and LCD displays were installed in the branch to indicate the call numbers and calling desks.
Thanks to this powerful and modern solution, customers are rapidly supported and clearly informed and directed. Managers have advanced supervision and statistics tools to optimize the productivity of the branch. 

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