14.09.17 Retail

ESII’s solutions in 3 more Nespresso boutiques in Brazil

Nespresso Brazil

Nespresso keep installing our solution to manage their customers reception. During the summer, we have equipped three boutiques in Brazil: two in Sao Paulo and one in Brasilia.

The reception is done with a Diseo™ TS kiosk that allows visitors to select the purpose of their visit or to scan their member card to be identified. Then, the customer is free to browse the store until he is called through a video display.

As the other installation around the world, this one is monitored with the multiple-site eSirius™ software. It allows to see in real time the waiting conditions of all the equipped boutiques.

With the virtual queuing, the reception is seamless and without stress for the customers.

Crédit photo : http://www.natalianoleto.com.br/


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