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ESII Solutions available in Bank of Africa’s Branches

ESII Bank of Africa

Based in about fifteen countries, the Bank of Africa (BOA) group is one of the retail banking leaders in Africa. To improve customer flow management and reception in branch, BOA Burkina Faso selected ESII’s solutions.

When they arrive, customers are invited to select their visit purpose (Withdrawal, Money transfer, Western Union / Exchange) on the DISEO™ touchscreen dispenser. A call ticket – with a unique call number – is issued.

When it is their turn, customers are called on video screens: they broadcast the call number and the calling counter. The NeoPlayer™ digital signage solution has also been installed to broadcast BOA news.

With this solution, easy to use for both customers and staff, customer flow is more managed in the branch and waiting conditions are improved.

Find out more about our retail banking solutions here.

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