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ESII Provides Efficient Customer Flow Management For Every Business

ESII launches Pack Start
ESII launches its Pack Start pack to begin with customer reception management and free customers from waiting. This solution improves the customer experience in POS or organizations.
The Plug & Play solution is simple and easy to install, and allows you to set it up in minutes. It includes a touch screen kiosk supplied with background templates corresponding to various industries (Health, Banking, Retail, Administration, Telecommunications), which allows the visitor to be placed in a virtual queue. He is then called with his number on a LED display (included in the pack) when it is his turn.
This system offers all customers the opportunity to use their waiting time as they wish, for example to enjoy the retail space in a store. Waiting conditions are improved, customers are more relaxed and satisfaction is increased.
This new package can also help to monitor business in real time on smartphone or tablet (statistics on the number of visitors, the waiting time ...) and for the manager to better supervise its resources. The Pack Start is intuitive, easy to use and quickly profitable.  

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