27.11.13 Santé

Deauville laboratory installs new equipment to receive patients

ESII Deauville Laboratory
Deauville Laboratory in Normandy, France, has just installed ESII solutions at its patient reception.
Now, patients are asked to “check in” at one of two DISEO™ touch screen kiosks in the reception area upon their arrival at the lab. At the kiosk, they select the service they require according to the reason for their visit (pre-booked blood test, blood test without appointment or results collection). The kiosk dispenses a numbered ticket which the patient takes along with them to the waiting area. Here, two LCD screens simultaneously display call numbers as well as other information including lab news, healthcare advice etc. Each phlebotomist has their own console, allowing them to call patients forward simply and efficiently.
The eGestat™ flow management solution has been installed to manage this range of hardware. With improved waiting conditions, patients are more relaxed and staff organisation is optimised.

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