27.08.20 Retail

The butcher’s shop Caveriviere trusts ESII


In the covered market of Menton, the butcher’s shop Caveriviere does everything to offer to its customer quality products. To offer a great customer experience, the shop offers a click & collect service and a queue management system.

This system is composed of the connected kiosk Keo™ operated by the SaaS software Orion. The customer can select between 3 queues: shopping, deli tasting at the counter, or order collect (this queue has priority). He can select a traditional paper ticket or a digital ticket with his smartphone. To take this ticket, the customer scans a QRCode on the screen of the kiosk and receives a ticket on his phone, he can postpone his call time if he needs more time to shop in the covered market.

To call the next customer, the ticket number is displayed through 3 LCD Display™ screens of 8-inches. To not touch a remote control, the butchers make the call by scanning a wrist RFID bracelet on a call box.

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