10.08.17 Santé

BioAllan laboratory chooses ESII’s solutions

Laboratory Gay Vauban - solution ESII

BioAllan gathers 12 medical laboratories in Territoire de Belfort and Pays de Montbeliard. Among them, the Gay-Vauban laboratory located in the city of Belfort chose ESII to improve patient reception.

When the patient arrives, he or she takes a ticket on the Diseo™ BL kiosk, and goes to the waiting room. There, a video screen will invite the patient to go to one of the administrative counters in due time.
Medical secretaries manage patients calls thanks to eGestat™ software on their computers. They enter the purpose of the visit and head patients towards one of the 4 sample rooms.

Furthermore, in each room a box was installed to allow scientists to call next patient with a RFID wristband. Thanks to this solution, the laboratory can call patient from any room without computer, thus reducing costs.

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