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The Belgian Ministry of Finance rethinks its reception

Appointment ministry of finance

In Belgium, the Ministry of Finance wants to upgrade its reception to receive taxpayers by appointment only by 2022. Currently, the 11 biggest agencies welcome 60,000 visitors monthly, with a peak of 400,000 visitors in June.

We were chosen to support this upgrade, with first the installation of a queue management system that will evolve until 2022 towards a reception by appointment only.

This first phase, started in October, will end in December 2018. It consists in the installation of Twana™ Ultimate™ interactive kiosks in self-service in the reception. The user selects on the screen the service he wants to access.
The visitors less comfortable with kiosks can go to the reception where staff can give them a ticket thanks to a Diseo™ TS kiosk.
Once in the waiting room, the taxpayers are called to the various offices through video display, ranging from 32’’ to 65’’ depending on the room constraints.

In order to manage appointments, each kiosk is equipped with a QR Code reader. The visitor scans the code he received in a confirmation e-mail to check-in. Then, he can be called by staff.

This scalable solution ensures a seamless upgrade to an appointment only reception. The users progressively learn how to use the interactive kiosks. Also, this solution is perfectly adapted to the peak activity in June.

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